Tableau Prep

Intermediate 1 day

In this course you will learn to

  • Get started with data cleansing
  • Get started with Tableau Prep and the interface
  • Input data
  • Clean data
  • Group and replace information
  • Review the profile pane
  • Pivot data
  • Aggregate data
  • Create joins and unions
  • Output the final results

Included in this course

  • Hands-on exercises
  • Course manual

Suggested attendees

Business analysts or technical users. Tableau, database and ETL development knowledge a plus but not mandatory.

If all students have strong ETL and database development background, this class can be accelerated.

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Course Outline

  • Introduce data cleansing
    • Understand the value of data cleansing
    • Introduce Tableau Prep Builder
    • Navigate the Tableau Prep Builder interface
  • Input data
    • Add data to the flow
    • Look at wildcard unions
    • Sample data
    • Review additional inputs
  • Clean data
    • Understand context for cleaning
    • Review how to clean
    • Add annotations
  • Group and replace data
    • Discuss grouping data
    • Look at fuzzy matching
    • Edit values
  • Profile pane
    • Highlight data
    • Use distributions of data
    • Use the profile pane to identify errors
  • Pivot data
    • Modify the pivot step
    • See how to pivot multiple groups
  • Aggregate data
    • Examine when to aggregate data
    • Modify the aggregate step
  • Joins and unions
    • Look at the join configuration page
    • Join data
    • Review wildcard unions
    • Examine the union step
    • Create a union
  • Output data
    • Save the flow
    • Run the flow
    • Use multiple outputs
    • Look at how to schedule a flow
    • Manage a flow
    • Monitor a flow
    • Discuss developer options
    • Preview the data in Tableau Desktop