Data Visualization & Dashboarding, Advanced

Advanced 2 days


In this course you will learn to

  • Perform complex sorts
  • Examine additional visualization types
  • Work with multiple data sources and data extracts
  • Create text-based visualizations and add custom splits
  • Work with calculations
  • Use LOD calculations
  • Add parameters to a worksheet

Included in this course

  • Hands-on exercises
  • Course manual

Suggested attendees

Tableau users.  Required: strong working knowledge of the Tableau environment, building calculated fields, adding a data source and building visualizations.

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Course Outline

  • Complex sorts
    • Discuss why sorted visualizations do not always appear correctly
    • Leverage the INDEX function
  • Advanced visualization types
    • Work with expanding bubble, donuts and clusters
  • Work with multiple data sources and data extracts
    • Create a data extract
    • Discuss custom SQL
    • Create a union
    • Blend data
    • Use data blends with calculated fields including NULL values
  • Create text-based visualizations
    • Work with splits
    • Build regular expressions
  • Advanced calculations
    • Use calculations for statistical purposes
    • Examine the impact of aggregation in calculations
  • Use level of detail calculations
    • Introduce and use level of detail calculations
    • Work with nested level of detail calculations
  • Adding parameters to a worksheet
    • Use parameters to filter
    • Use parameters for other purposes
  • Use bins and sets
    • Create a dynamic set
    • Work with histograms
  • Advanced comparisons
    • Show progress towards goals
    • Create a top-N visualization
  • Advanced mapping
    • Examine additional map types
    • Review automatic geocoding in Tableau
    • Modify geocode locations
    • Perform custom geocoding with data blending
    • Use background images in visualizations for spatial analysis
  • Learn how exact date functions
  • Forecasting and trendlines
    • Explore forecasting
    • Review trendlines
    • Enhance forecasting with the use of trend lines
  • Work with distributions of data
    • Understand and use Pareto visualizations
    • Customize Pareto visualizations
  • Create advanced dashboards
    • Add interactivity to dashboards
    • Use instructions and annotations
    • Add actions to a dashboard
    • Add tabs to a dashboard
    • Add navigation and help to a dashboard
    • Assess performance of a dashboard