Automatically decode Cognos reports
and data models

The Senturus Migration Assistant is our secret weapon for unwinding the troves of data in vast, complex Cognos environments. It programmatically decodes and inventories multi-layered Cognos reports and packages to identify details including data source(s), lineage, relationships and usage. Helping to efficiently prioritize content for migration and streamline execution, the Migration Assistant is an ideal helper when changing platforms or when businesses merge, split or realign.

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 Tackles these three common scenarios

Managing Cognos data source migrations

  • Identifies which reports and models rely on the legacy data source
  • Combines inventory and usage statistics to create a prioritized, efficient migration plan
  • Allows you to minimize project scope by listing never and rarely used reports
  • Helps identify and plan out the migration process


Migrating from Cognos to a new BI platform

  • Identifies source data, eliminating need to manually detangle report and model details
  • Inventories report design elements enabling rapid layout reproduction
  • Identifies most used reports so you can prioritize those with most immediate business impact
  • Shows duplicate and rarely used reports allowing you to limit migration scope and reduce costs


Upgrading & optimizing your Cognos footprint

  • Easily identify and eliminate duplicate and un-used reports
  • Identify under-utilized user licenses
  • Shrink packages safely by removing unreferenced areas
  • Provides deeper insights to Cognos audit data, allowing for an upgraded environment that is as clean and current as possible


Significantly accelerates migration time and increases accuracy

Enables accurate project scoping, budgeting and management

The Migration Assistant delivers complexity scores that quantify the effort required to rebuild or enhance reports and models.

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