How to Get Synchronized Drill Behavior in Cognos Analytics V11 Prior to R7

When creating new reports in Cognos Analytics v11.06 and earlier, you’ll experience different drill-up and drill-down behavior from what you came to expect out of Cognos 10.x Viewer. You can get that same synchronized drill behavior, but you’ll need to change a default setting in Cognos Analytics.

When creating a report in Cognos BI 10.x and basing multiple display objects (crosstabs, charts, visualizations) on the same data items from the same query, drill-up or drill-down behavior on either of the displays would be synchronized across all other displays containing the same data items. The same is not true in Cognos Analytics v11.06 and earlier.

NOTE: this behavior has changed as of Cognos Analytics Release 7. The new behavior is the same as the 10.x behavior and applies to Release 7 and beyond. These instructions are only applicable if you are running Release 6 or earlier.

That’s because the default setting for Run with full interactivity setting is turned On in CA v11. If you want synchronized drill behavior, you must turn this setting Off.

How to change the setting and get synchronized drill behavior in Cognos Analytics
  1. Browse to Pages.
    Browse to Pages
  2. Click the Report object.
    Click the Report object.
  3. In the upper right, click Properties. right, click Properties.
  4. Set Run with full interactivity to No.
    Set Run with full interactivity to No
  5. Then, set Drill-up and drill-down to Yes.
    Drill-up and drill-down
  6. Run the report again. Drill down/drill up will be synchronized across all displays based on the same data items that are from the same query.

    NOTE: Changing these settings will disable the other interactive features of the v11 Viewer (can’t filter, sort, edit).

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