Tableau Specialized Visualizations

Expert 1/2 day

In this course you will learn to

  • How to use ratios within Tableau
  • Work with the ATTR function
  • Create specialized visualization types

Included in this course

  • Hands-on exercises
  • Course manual

Suggested attendees

Technical student with Tableau experience or programming background. Required: strong working knowledge of the Tableau environment, building calculated fields, adding a data source and building visualizations.

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Course Outline

  • List calculating rates and ratios
    • Using ratios within Tableau
  • Use the ATTR function
    • Discuss when and how to use the ATTR function
    • Switch a worksheet to record-level aggregation
  • Learn visualization types
    • Bollinger bands
    • Benford’s law
    • Control charts
    • Bump
    • Waterfall
    • Milestone calendar
    • Understand and develop a Sankey
    • Discuss small multiples
    • Create a slope graph