Data Visualization & Dashboarding, Fundamentals

Beginning 1/2 day


In this course you will learn to

  • Create a simple worksheet
  • Create calculated fields
  • Format visualizations for best practice presentation
  • Work with dates
  • Work with maps
  • Create dashboards
  • Put views together in a story
  • Review publishing and sharing

Included in this course

  • Hands-on exercises
  • Course manual

Suggested attendees

Business analysts. No Tableau experience required.

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Course Outline

  • Review the Tableau product line
    • Understand the value of Tableau
    • Review Tableau Desktop, Server, Viewer and Public
    • Examine the Tableau Desktop user interface
    • Introduce the Tableau Desktop product
  • Create a simple worksheet
    • Create views via drag and drop
    • Use the Marks card to add detail
    • Discuss formatting visualizations
    • Enhance views with sorting and filtering
  • Introduction to calculated fields
    • Create calculated fields
    • Base calculations of formulas, fields and other calculations
  • Format visualizations for best practices
    • Use marks
    • Explore various visualization types
  • Work with dates
    • Compare discrete versus continuous dates
    • Create views using different date types
  • Work with maps
    • Display geographical results with map displays
    • Customize maps
  • Create dashboards
    • Add sheets to a dashboard
    • Customize dashboards with visualizations and other features
  • Putting views together in a story
    • Learn how stories can organize and present your results
  • Publishing and sharing
    • Learn how Tableau Server and Tableau Public can be used to share your results