Power BI Creating Reports & Visualizations

Beginning - Advanced 2 days

In this course you will learn to

  • Configure the PBI environment with themes
  • Build visualizations
  • Enhance with sorting
  • Filter visualizations
  • Use DAX with visualizations
  • Modify report context with DAX
  • Create new columns and measures
  • Use quick measures
  • Add parameters
  • Work with advanced slicer techniques
  • Examine drill behavior on visualizations
  • Use tooltips effectively
  • Create conditional formatting
  • Group data
  • Add advanced report interactivity features
  • Review format properties
  • Build hierarchies and nesting
  • Create bookmarks
  • Custom page navigation
  • Introduce multiple visualization types

Included in this course

  • Hands-on exercises
  • Course manual

Suggested attendees

Business analysts and IT personnel. No previous experience required, but prior report development experience in other tools is helpful.

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Course Outline

  • Configuring the PBI environment with themes
    • Take a tour of the PBI desktop environment
    • Configure a theme
  • Building visualizations
    • Import data into PBI desktop
    • Set default properties on fields
    • Create basic visualizations
  • Enhancing with sorting
    • Enhance visualizations with sorting
    • Review different sorting options
    • Sort fields by other fields
  • Filtering visualizations
    • Use the filter pane
    • Create page level filters
    • Review workbook level filters
    • Work with slicers
  • Using DAX with visualizations
    • Introduce DAX functions
    • Build custom fields with DAX
    • Use DAX to build a dynamic visualization
  • Creating new columns and measures
    • Add to a visualization with new custom measures
    • Enhance visualization with custom columns
    • Create quick measures
  • Adding parameters
    • Explore what if parameters
    • Create a Top N slicer
    • Understand numeric slicers
    • Explore advanced slicer techniques
  • Examining drill behavior on visualizations
    • Create a visualization with drill up/down functionality
    • Develop a drill through visualization
  • Using tooltips effectively
    • Understand when and how to effectively use tooltips in a visualization
  • Creating conditional formatting
    • Explore available options for conditional formatting
    • Conditionally format a visualization with rules
    • Conditionally format a visualization with ranges
    • Format a visualization with DAX
  • Grouping data
    • Create a data group
    • Use histograms in a visualization with binned data
  • Using additional DAX functions
    • Explore report context
    • Understand the Calculate, Filter and All functions
  • Adding advanced report interactivity features
    • Conditionally show and hide report objects
    • Understand page navigation
    • Explore hierarchies and nesting
  • Creating bookmarks
    • Review bookmarks
    • Build a workbook using bookmarks, images and buttons
  • Introducing multiple visualization types
    • Explore PBI format properties
    • Customize matrix visualizations
    • Explore timeline slicers
    • Explore bullet visualizations
    • Use additional visualization types