Cognos Professional Report Authoring

Beginning/Intermediate 2 days


In this course you will learn to

  • Navigate the Cognos interface
  • Create and customize list reports
  • Create filters
  • Create analytical reports using crosstabs and charts
  • Create and customize maps
  • Use prompts and parameters
  • Define aggregation
  • Create calculations
  • Customize reports with conditional formatting
  • Link reports
  • Author complex reports


11.x (v10 available for private training)

Included in this course

  • Hands-on exercises
  • Course manual

Suggested attendees

Enterprise report authors and technical business analysts. No previous experience required, but it is helpful to have used Cognos.

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Course Outline

  • Interface and navigation
    • Preview how to navigate the portal
    • Preview how to create a new report
    • Explore the data, toolbox and navigate areas
    • Explore the properties pane
    • Explore page views
    • Explore the on-demand toolbars
  • List reports
    • Create list reports
    • Examine the object hierarchy
    • Format lists
    • Sort and group lists
    • Define group spanning
    • Add headers to a list
    • Add sections to a list
  • Filters
    • Define filters
    • Create detail filters in design mode
    • Apply detail Filters in preview mode
    • Create summary filters in design mode
    • Apply summary filters in preview mode
  • Analytical reports using crosstabs and charts
    • Discuss analytical report authoring
    • Discuss crosstab terminology
    • Nest and stack in a crosstab
    • Create a crosstab report
    • Discuss when and how to use charts
    • Nest and stack in a chart
    • Discuss chart types
    • Customize chart properties
  • Maps
    • Present data spatially using map reports
    • Customize map reports
  • Parameters and prompts
    • Create parameterized filters
    • Examine prompt types
    • Create prompt pages
    • Create cascading prompts
    • Handle no data available
    • Discuss prompt troubleshooting tips
  • Aggregation
    • Define automatic aggregation
    • Apply automatic aggregation to a report
    • Define group aggregation
    • Apply group aggregation to a report
  • Calculations
    • Create query calculations
    • Create calculation in design and preview mode
    • Use conditional logic in expressions
    • Create layout calculations
    • Use functions in expressions
    • Create singletons
    • Create a parameterized calculation
  • Customize reports with conditional formatting
    • Discuss conditional styles vs. variables
    • Use conditional styles to highlight exceptions
    • Use conditional styles to show/hide report objects
  • Link reports
    • Define a master-detail data relationship
    • Create a master-detail report
    • Define the drill-through concept
    • Create drill-through reports
  • Complex reports
    • Discuss report design planning
    • Work with report layout tools
    • Examine visual aids
    • Create a dashboard style report