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Even the best BI teams need a little outside help when it comes to deployments, including migrations and performance tuning. These are sizable, time- and resource-intensive efforts that don’t happen every day. In-house expertise isn’t usually available.

Taking a DIY approach to these infrequent, high impact initiatives is neither efficient nor effective. The valuable time spent attempting to learn a one-time process comes with real and perceived costs.

  • Increased total cost of ownership due to unmanaged, mushrooming capacity
  • Key functionality not optimized due to lack of familiarity with the technology or knowledge of best practices
  • The right people aren’t getting access to the right data
  • Gaps in functionality, performance and security due to hybrid (on-prem & cloud) and multiple tool environments
  • Slow performing reports, visualizations or models

It’s for these reasons that Gartner recommends outsourcing analytics when demand for the task is infrequent.

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Deployments and performance optimizations are not something you do every day. But we do.

  • Getting help selecting the right tool(s) for the job
  • Identify and eliminate report performance bottlenecks
  • Modernize content publishing for effectively sharing dashboards, visualizations and reports
  • Cloud capacity management


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