Streamline Cognos Migrations & Consolidations

What if you could deploy a tool that would radically accelerate your Cognos content clean up and migration? What if you could avoid the eternity it takes to manually wade through decades of Cognos reports and models to sort out dupes, determine data sources and relationships? What if you could streamline that entire process?

Join us for a live webinar of the Migration Assistant. This invaluable tool programmatically decodes and inventories Cognos content, drastically streamlining Cognos migrations and consolidations. Quickly cutting through 1000s of reports and packages, it surfaces needed details about lineage, relationships, usage, filters and parameters. In this live demo, learn and see how the Migration Assistant gives you a serious leg up for

  • Scoping data source changes
  • Migrating analytics platforms
  • Optimizing your Cognos footprint

We will show you how the Migration Assistant swiftly organizes your complex, multi-layered Cognos content and eliminates the daunting, time-consuming manual audit process. You’ll realize it’s actually possible to dramatically accelerate your migration timeline.

If you are looking at the prospect of transferring and/or consolidating decades worth of Cognos reports, you need to catch this webinar. Your sanity will thank you, and so will your business.

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