Streamlining Clean Ups of Cognos Reports & Models

If you are a Cognos shop, the best New Year’s resolution you could give your business is a clean-up of your accumulated report content and models. It will help you speed system performance, reduce unnecessary package complexity and improve reporting efficiency. But, dealing with the herculean task of organizing and auditing decades of tables, models and reports… ugh. It’s easier to commit to shedding all that holiday weight.

Finding out how frequently your reports have been executed is a good start, but is that enough?

What if you could deploy a tool that would provide deeper insights to radically streamline your Cognos content clean up? What if you could deeply analyze both Team Content and individual users’ My Content to help identify the underlying model and data elements that are actually in use?

Join us for a live webinar of the Migration Assistant. This invaluable tool programmatically decodes and inventories Cognos content, drastically streamlining Cognos cleanups and consolidations. Quickly cutting through 1000s of reports and packages, it surfaces needed details about lineage, relationships, usage, filters, parameters and dupes.

In this demo, you will learn how the Migration Assistant

  • Analyzes both Team Content and individual users’ My Content
  • Reveals the underlying query structures, data elements and filters that are used by every report
  • Eliminates the time-consuming manual audit process
  • Overcomes the gaps in lost institutional knowledge

If you are looking at the prospect of consolidating decades worth of Cognos models and reports, you need to catch this webinar!

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