Streamlining Cognos Migrations to a New Platform

Wanting to leave Cognos but frozen in place by the enormity of the project? So many questions come up: What it is going to cost? How long it will take? What content needs to move?

What if you had tool that could rapidly wade through decades of Cognos reports and models to clarify the scope and streamline the migration?

Join us for a live webinar of the Migration Assistant. This invaluable tool swiftly reveals the underlying query structures, data elements and filters that are used by every Cognos report (My Content and Team Content).

During this demo we will show you how the Migration Assistant streamlines migrations by

  • Eliminating the time-consuming manual audit process
  • Supplying detailed insights required to build an accurate timeline and cost estimate
  • Helping prioritize what content to migrate and when (and identify what content can be left behind)
  • Providing the details needed to quickly rebuild reports in the new platform

Stop dreaming about a Cognos break up. Get the clarity you need to move forward. See you at the webinar!

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