Using Envisor Cloud Control, Senturus was able to accurately determine the best Azure capacity level required to meet ETL database processing needs. By dynamically scaling Azure to meet peak and low demand times at the optimal service level, we saw data import performance accelerate by 85% and overall costs decrease by 70%.


Senturus relies on 50 Azure SQL databases to address the needs of our businesses. Like most organizations running a cloud environment, we were paying for capacity we were not using. We sized our Azure resources to accommodate peak demand, but that capacity remained idle for large portions of the day.

Take the example of one of our ETL databases. We would run daily data imports from external web apps into an Azure SQL database. To meet delays in the data import process, admins responded in the typical manner, bumping up the Azure SQL database performance level to speed up the data imports. The increased service level solved the performance issue but wasted money since the database would remain idle for rest of the day.


Using Envisor Cloud Control, Senturus was able to accurately understand server utilization, match it to the optimum required capacity level, and dynamically scale the server to meet demand.

We looked at our Azure SQL database, which was running at an S2 level for the entire 24-hour period. Envisor Cloud Control revealed that the database was under-provisioned for a couple of hours early each morning during the ETL load and idle (over-provisioned) the rest of the day.

With this insight, we determined that moving to the S4 tier, while the most expensive level, would be the most cost-effective. Using Envisor Cloud Control, we set the Azure SQL database to scale up during the ETL loads when more performance is required, and back down when it needs to only be generally available.

New resource scaling schedule

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Envisor Cloud Control allowed Senturus to rethink our computational performance needs and accurately manage our Azure capacity. Moving to the S4 tier gives us the computing power needed to meet peak demand and also decrease the load time.

For this one ETL database, we have seen impressive cost savings and performance improvements:

  • Data import performance accelerated by 85%.
  • Users receive data 90 minutes earlier than previously.
  • Overall costs decreased by 70%.

Envisor Cloud Control can reduce costs and improve performance for other cloud resources as well. Read more about Envisor Cloud Control.





Using Envisor Cloud Control, we saw data import performance accelerate by 85% and overall costs decrease by 70%.

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